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The Future of Hemp

At Specialty Cannabinoids, we are industry innovators, influencers, and visionaries. We have been built one of the largest, most efficient, cannabinoid supply-chains in the market.

Specialty Cannabinoids was created to meet the needs of the ever-growing industrial hemp supply chain. We have perfected our methods throughout the years through strategic research, development and cultivation. Our hemp is domestically grown on our farm in the Pacific Northwest, using only sustainable organic farming practices. We never use pesticides or herbicides, ensuring that our products are the highest quality on the market, and we back it up with purity and potency testing.

Specialty Cannabinoids specializes in raw hemp products, wholesale hemp products, full- and broad-spectrum CBD hemp oils, and other hemp extracts. We employ expert Cryo Ethanol and post-processing techniques. We understand accuracy is essential, and we aim to surpass industry standards with every batch. Specialty Cannabinoids is dedicated to being the most reliable part of the supply chain. Whether you are a wholesaler, producer or an up and coming brand, Specialty Cannabinoids will help you get to market every time.

  • Genetics

    Our unique genetics are a result of crossbreeding high-CBD with low-THC strains to retain the best characteristics of industrial hemp. We use innovative and proprietary technologies to harvest and process our hemp, creating CBD oils unmatched in purity and quality by other products available on the market.
  • Potency

    Our broad-spectrum organic CBD oil contains cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients — the most beneficial compounds in the hemp plant — typically reduced or even absent in other CBD products due to harsh harvesting and processing methods. We use food-grade ethanol and a short-path distillation unit to produce a clean product with an impressive amount of cannabinoids.
  • Organic

    We have made it our mission to consistently provide a stable supply of high-quality CBD-rich products for our clients. We follow strict organic farming standards to ensure our CBD products are second to none. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. All Speciality Cannabinoids’ products are submitted to strict purity and potency testing. Our products are guaranteed to be free from chemical contaminants.
  • Compliant

    We remove the THC from all of our extracts down to an undetectable level. Our clients can consistently depend on Specialty Cannabinoids products, because our hemp-derived CBD is always federally compliant.
  • American

    Our farm is proudly located in Oregon where the cool moist climate is ideal for hemp production. We lead the industry in innovative hemp cultivation techniques. We ensure our organic CBD products maintain and exceed quality standards throughout the process. Only the highest quality CBD extracts are brought to market.
  • Affordable

    Our team strongly believes that CBD should be widely accessible. Our CBD-rich hemp extracts are more affordable than any other industrial hemp cultivated domestically, and our products are priced to beat the competition.

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